LAGUNA necklace / gold


These beautiful necklace is made of a natural leaf which is gold plated by hand. Although the leaf are big the necklace appear light and elegant because of the lightness of the gold plating.

The leaf is found in the area called the Brazilian Cerrado which is a tropical savanna ecoregion. The region is characterised by its unique vegetation and stunning landscape.

Sustainably handmade in Brazil.

A real leaf plated with 18 karat gold + leather cord
100% nickel-free

Approximately 4,7 x 3,7 CM

Slight variations in size and shape can occur due to the handmade quality and natural origin of each piece og jewellery.

The jewelry is handmade from organic materials, sustainably extracted from the Brazilian nature. Leaves and seeds are, carefully and with respect for their natural beauty, plated by hand with 18 karat gold or silver. The result is delicate and elegant without being fragile.

The process of each earring, necklace or bracelet starts at the collection of the organic material somewhere at the Brazilian cerrado, along the coastal area, in the Amazon or the Atlantic rainforest, whereafter the material is dessicated and, if necessary, sceletonized, and the gold is added. Every single step of the process is taken with respect for the unique characteristics of each leaf or seed. The jewelry is produced with the aim of a sustainable and environmentally friendly production and in respect for the artisans working passionately to create beautiful and unique pieces.


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