Vinoos - The Real Wine Gum

A winegum that actually tastes like wine.

The tastefull winegums for adults are available with four different flavours.

  • Rose 
  • Chardonnay
  • Merlot
  • Sparkling Wine 

The elegant boxes are perfect as a gift or as a special treat for yourself.

Do NOT contain any alcohol.

The Real Winegums makes it possible to enjoy the real taste of wine in an edible version. Now you can experience the taste of wine in a winegum.

The  winegums are not for children, but is a luxury for adults and a nice substitute for wine.

The Real Wine Gums are free of gluten, fat, gelatin, nuts and lactose which makes them very suitable for vegetarians. 

The Real Wine Gums are a very delicious and healthy way to get the taste of wine.

Available in four different variants:
White Chardonnay, German Riesling, Red Merlot and Rosé.