snowball / snow globe

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A fresh interpretation of the traditional snow globe. Beautifully crafted from glass on a piano black base.

This Snowball is its own zen koan. It is at once fluid and solid; round and rectangular; black and white. It is transparent and opaque; kinetic and static; present, yet absent.

The more you meditate on this timeless design, the more its simple beauty reveals.

A little dust doesn’t bother snow globes – but they don’t like direct sunlight.

Glass globe, Piano Black base.

Glass Globe: 10 cm
Total dimentions: H 12,5 cm x L 10 cm x W 10 cm

Clean the snow ball with a soft cloth, glass cleaner can be used on the glass ball. It is important not to expose the snowglobe to direct sunlight, as the glass may act as magnifying glass. In addition, direct sunlight may cause the water in the snowflake to change color.

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