Loop Rug / mole


In and Outdoor rug


Design and quality

This is LOOP, the most comfortable rug in the PET yarn collection. With it's round little knobs LOOP brings textile comfort to any hard surface. The PET yarn material is easy to clean and maintain, giving you great peace of mind in any room - at any occasion. The LOOP rugs are handmade by skilled craftsmen in close cooperation with Nordic designers.


All rugs are made solely of recycled PET yarn - recycled plastic bottles spun into a hair thin polyester thread. This is a 100% sustainable material, super soft and absolutely similar in look and feel to wool. No synthetic coating is used.


Exceptionally easy maintenance

PET yarn rugs are extremely easy to keep looking good. The rugs do not absorb liquids, and any spilt substances, such as as coffee, red wine, or dirt from outside is cleaned off quickly by wiping with just a little water and a mild detergent (don't machine wash). Hang to dry. Otherwise, frequent vacuum cleaning without a brush will keep your rug looking beautiful and new.

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