Sustainable rugs in recycled PET yarn
Nobody can do everything, but we can all do something. And one thing we can do is to make conscious decisions when buying new (or used) things and to look for products that are made with respect for the environment. That is why we at Niedziella & Friends love Formgatan, a Swedish design- and rug company with a strong focus on sustainability, social responsibility and using recycled materials in their rug production.
The beautiful rugs from Formgatan are handmade of recycled plastic bottles that are spun into a hair thin polyester thread, and they are thus 100% sustainable. How cool and smart is that? We love the mission, and we love (love!) the rugs. The rugs have a clean, Nordic design, are super soft and similar to wool in both look and feel. Additionally, no synthetic coating has been used in the production of the rugs. It doesn’t get much more clever or eco-friendly than that!
Nordic simplicity and Danish ‘hygge’ all in one
Create the perfect cosy atmosphere in your home with quality rugs in beautiful, subtle colours. Nothing anchors a room together and gives your home a warm, comfortable feeling as a soft rug. A rug is perfect for creating little defined spaces and focal points around your home, for instance in your sofa area, under the dining table or in the bedroom.
Make sure to choose a rug that complements your existing interior and pick one in a size that fits with the rest of your furniture for a completed look. Our selection of sustainable rugs is characterised by a Nordic simple design, which makes the rugs blend in easily in most homes. Furthermore, our sustainable rugs are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use, thus creating a ‘hygge’ feel both inside and in your outdoor areas.