Dazzling beautiful jewellery
At Niedziella & Friends you can find a wide range of jewellery for every taste. We have an impressive array of everything from feminine earrings, quirky necklaces and elegant bracelets. Are you looking for a pair of sophisticated baroque pearl earrings? A cute and eye-catching croissant necklace in delicate ceramics? Or perhaps you’re into a minimalistic pair of ear studs in a simple and cool design? We’ve got you covered!
Unique handpicked items
All our jewellery is carefully selected out of a simple and intricate aesthetics; we love items that are simple in their expression, but at the same time have a unique look with exquisite details for you to fall in love with. That is why we adore our characteristic croissant and bow necklaces, which are handmade in white porcelain and genuine gold by the independent artist Atelier Van Rosa. We also love our dreamy harlequin inspired baroque pearl earrings from The Earring Shop, which come in many shapes and designs. Or our handmade fruit, clamp and fish necklaces by talented Charlotte Wooning. 
Gift ideas that will last a lifetime
Indulge in jewellery for every occasion – day-to-day options as well as for festive times. Common for all our jewellery is that it has a timeless design that will last a lifetime. If you are looking for a very special gift, take a glance at our range of contemporary necklaces, bracelets and earrings that surely will brighten up the day for everyone who receives it. Or buy a present for yourself that you know you will always love. Our jewellery is contemporary, modern and timeless at the same time. No matter if you or your friend is the minimalistic, playful, feminine, quirky or fashion-forward type, we have a beautiful piece of jewellery that will suit your taste and glam up your day.