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A fine collection of coffee table books and magazines

There is nothing better than "sit back, relax and enjoy a good book". At Niedziella & Friends we love books - especially within home decor, delicious food and drinks and sustainability. Although we’re bombarded with home design, decor inspiration and food setups on Pinterest and Instagram every day, there is still something appealing about flipping through a big, beautiful coffee table book. Not only does it feel luxurious to sit with a coffee and take in all the glossy images, adding a stacked grouping to your living room decor is equally gratifying.

In our shop you will find (what we assess to call) the best books about interior decoration, where you can find inspiration as well as good advices and tips about how to style your home. We have books that are both good for entertaining and informative reading, which will look good on the living room table or next to your bed on your bedside table. Find the perfect book for a gift or for yourself right here. 

How to style your coffee table books and magazines?

In need of a few advice on how to arrange those books and magazines so it looks appealing? We got your back! Stick to odd-numbered groupings (three will always work!) and consider the colors of the book’s jacket and how it compliments the overall combination. If you prefer, you can take the jacket off and just go with the bare book cover. Layer it up and add a tray or decorative accessories on top of your books and magazines — a candle stick, vase, ceramic bowl, whatever suits your style. This will create more interest and also add more height