Decorate your home with soft blankets

Blankets create a special atmosphere when used in decoration at home. They provide color, tactility and warmth. Though it is not only the aesthetics and atmosphere that are essential for us when providing a room with soft blankets - nevertheless blankets can practically enhance the acoustics by mitigating the reverberation and delay apparatus. Colorful blankets can easily be replaced as seasons changes, leaving a impactful touch on the overall interior design. And with that being said - natural materials such as wool and cotton are both durable and comfortable.

Knitted interior design

At Niedziella & Friends, we love and sell the textile brand StrikAholic. StrikAholic is a Danish design company founded by designer Dorte Niedziella in 2007, based on a vision to combine beautiful design with good craftsmanship. As a starting point Dorte Niedziella designs and manufactures knitted blankets, based on her passion for knitting. The characteristics of StrikAholic's blankets are unique, pleasent and humorous in a "new nordic" way. 
StrikAholic's aesthetics have a clear reference to Scandinavian nature. Both colors and materials are selected from a natural point of view, and all designs are produced within Europe using only environmentally sustainable methods and materials.