Art print by Lisa Wirenfelt

Printed on high quality 265g high quality art paper.

SIZE (paper) 50 x 70 CM

Packed and shipped in a protective card board tube.

“To me, there aint something like one color. It’s so much more than a black and white world. When I look at things I rather see it in millions of RGB combinations – Lisa Wirenfelt”.

Lisa Wirenfelt grew up in a small village in Sweden with a mum who had her own dusty pink painting studio. "I was amazed of her creativity and also a bit jealous I think. Later on I moved to New York, and like so many others I got truly inspired. Something happened when I sat in my art class, when I went in to those magnificent museums, to Carnegie Hall and so on, and one day when I was in Public Library I just started illustrating. I sent one to my mum, and she said 'oh that’s really nice' and from there on I was hooked".

"But being a bit messy and often change my mind, I needed to be able to erase and to change, I started painting digitally. I call it the "pancake process”- you need to make one bad pancake first, then the rest becomes really great. My paintings are often abstract and the primarily focus in them are the colors. Colors that makes me feel indescribably good and patterns that just happens. Illustrating is like my drug, I simply can’t stop and I absolutely adore it"

More in this series: FRIDAY SWING

Frame not included.

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