art prints

Beautiful art print designs with a Scandinavian touch
We love what a carefully chosen piece of wall art can do for a room. The perfect poster can tie together all other elements of your interior decoration and at the same time add a personal touch. At Niedziella and Friends, we aspire to be one of your favourite art print curators. That is why we have a large handpicked selection of contemporary posters and prints, primarily by Danish and Scandinavian designers and photographers, which will add that extra something to your walls.
Browse through our selection of vintage-look posters, photographs and graphic art. We have animal and botanical prints with a detail richness that makes it hard to look away. We have simple and streamlined graphic posters perfect for the minimalistic Scandinavian aesthetic. And we have a wide range of fascinating photography posters showing the unique sceneries of the beautiful Danish countryside and city life.
A poster for every room, taste and style
We have posters in many different styles and sizes. You will find beautiful graphic posters in various shape and colours, cool vintage-style animal and botanical posters and captivating photographs. Our poster selection is of the highest aesthetic and design quality. The posters convey different feelings and evoke different thoughts and associations, but what they have in common is that they will all adorn your walls no matter if you let them hang alone or together as part of a gallery wall.
Whether you are decorating your bedroom, hallway, living room, kitchen or children’s room, you will find an art print that suits your style and stimulates your inspiration. We hope you will find your new favourite poster in our selection!